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    Player Gets Surprised of Winning in Second Chance Lottery

    Second chance lottery ticket. (Source: 13abc on you side)

    When a guy in Kalamazoo County, Michigan found out that he had won a second chance lottery, it was the biggest surprise of his life.

    The winner is very surprised by his unexpected winning in the second chance lottery. (Source: 13abc on your side)

    Online Lottery Player Won the Second Chance Lottery Game

    The Michigan Lottery’s BIG CA$H Second Chance Giveaway awarded a total of $416,322 to a 67-year-old man, who requested that his identity not be revealed. After participating in online lottery games up until the 11th of October, he was chosen in a drawing at random. According to the player, he frequently plays online games, but he had no idea that doing so would win him entries for a second chance prize. He spends a lot of time playing Internet games. He received an email from the Michigan Lottery informing him that he had won a $416,322 second chance prize and assumed it was a hoax because he had not entered a raffle. He received an email from the Michigan Lottery informing him that he had won a second chance jackpot.

    After calling the Michigan Lottery, I found out that I had been accumulating entries without even being aware of it. I’m having trouble accepting that this is happening. It is indescribable what it is like to walk away with such a massive sum in the lottery. The player intends to put some of the money aside for savings and give some of the earnings to his family. The next lottery to determine a winner from a second chance will take place on December 13.

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