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Baltimore Police Shots A Man They Are Running After

There will be a vigil held in memory of a guy who was shot and killed by police in Baltimore. (Source: CBS News Baltimore)

Hunter Jessup’s family attended a vigil for him on Saturday after he was killed by Baltimore police officers’ gunfire on Tuesday.

Markers of evidence are collected just in front of the church. (Source: Kaitlin Newman and The Baltimore Banner/ The Baltimore Banner)

Baltimore Police Devastatedly Kills A Man

A gathering of family and friends for the 27-year-old on Brunswick Street and St Benedict Street. At approximately 12:30 p.m., Jessup was approached by officers while on Brunswick Street. It was on Wilkens Avenue that he supposedly ran. According to Chief Richard Worley, a Baltimore Police officer attempted to attack Jessup but stumbled over some stairs. The officer was then allegedly threatened by Jessup brandishing a pistol. Worley claimed that multiple cops opened fire at that moment. Jessup was shot by them and died.

Southwest Baltimore locals filmed officers swarming around the gunshot victim and shouting prayers for his survival. “Just keep breathing,” one woman told the wounded victim as cops surrounded him. “In Jesus’ name, breathe.” Jessup was characterized by neighbors as a kind person who was “not out to cause any trouble.” “It doesn’t make sense that they’re harassed the way they are,” “Free” stated. “There was no doubt it was a homicide, but I had no idea what I was walking into when I turned that corner,” she added.

A man who had interacted with cops was shot and killed. Jessup was arrested in 2017 for hitting a 14-year-old boy on a bicycle while fleeing a routine traffic stop. Jessup was 20. Baltimore police stated he bailed out of his car and ran after the bicycle incident. Witnesses say officers were not using their lights or sirens when Hunter’s truck hit the cyclist. Free said he was shot “in a savage way with no regard for life.” “Baltimore Police were rude. Their language was nasty. There was no mercy. There was no empathy, she said. Family and friends want to know what happened the day Jessup died. Jelevon Nolley told WJZ that body camera footage will show where the stop-and-frisk began and how it became a tragic shooting. “We need this body camera footage,” Nolley stated. “We need body camera footage,” Nolley said he was related to Jessup and was devastated by his death. “They shot my brother 17 times. This is my brother, Nolley remarked. “I’m with him daily.”

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