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Guaranteed Income Program: $500 Monthly Payments Begins in California; Are You One of Them?

Guaranteed Income Program
$500 Guaranteed Income Program in el Monte, California. (Photo: International Money)

A selected group of people in El Monte, California starts receiving an amount of $500 as part of the Guaranteed Income Program.

Guaranteed Income Program

$500 Guaranteed Income Program in el Monte, California. (Photo: International Money)

$500 Monthly Payments in California

A Guaranteed Income Program has been proven to be an effective way to help millions of low-income families in the country who are facing financial problems. This aims to ensure that qualified recipients have some extra money to meet their needs.

In a published article in ABC7, officials from El Monte, California started sending $500 to single mothers who are living under poverty as part of the Guaranteed Income Program. This year, there were around 125 women who were selected in the Guaranteed Income Program.

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Eligibility of the $500 Monthly Payments

According to a published article in SPECTRUM, the following are the criteria to become eligible in the program:

  • Women must be single heads of household
  • Have children between the ages of 0 and 17 years old living with them
  • Have a verified income at the federal poverty line or below
  • Be able to show their finances were affected by COVID-19

Furthermore, they partnered with RAND Corporation to study the effects of a monthly cash infusion on its 125 participants, as well as 125 individuals who will not receive the payments.

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