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    Cases of 700 EBT Skimming Addressed by Erie County Department of Social Services 

    Protect yourself from EBT skimming (Photo: wikiHow)

    Over 700 EBT skimming cases have been worked on and addressed by the Erie County Department of Social Services.

    EBT skimming (Photo:

    Erie County Department of Social Services Working on 700 EBT Skimming Cases

    According to WKBK, more than 700 cases of EBT skimming have been submitted to the Erie County Department of Social Services in order to be worked on.

    EBT skimming is an illegal process of directly copying card and personal identification number information of the EBT cardholders using a device placed on top of a store’s card reading machine. Then, the stolen data is used to access the EBT account and spend their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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    EBT Skimming: How to Protect Benefits?

    According to the department, EBT cardholders must protect their data and not fall for EBT skimming. There are ways in order to protect one’s data.

    The Erie County Department of Social Services stated that changing PIN monthly will help protect the benefits of the EBT cardholders. It is also best to monitor the EBT account regularly for unauthorized transactions. The department also states that if someone has their benefits stolen, it is best to report the card stolen by calling 888-328-6399 or visiting or through the connectEBT mobile app.

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