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    Oxford High School Shooting 2021: Parents of Shooter Deny Son Asked for Mental Health Treatment Before Mass Shooting in School

    Shooter of Oxford High School Shooting in November 2021 (Photo: NPR)

    Parents of the shooter of the Oxford High School shooting that took place in November 2021 recently denied that their son had asked for mental health treatment before he started mass shooting his classmates.

    Shooter of Oxford High School Shooting in November 2021 (Photo: CNN)

    Parents of Shooter in Oxford High School Shooting Deny Son Asked for Mental Health Treatment

    The Messenger News reports that James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of the shooter, Ethan Crumbley, stated in their recent hearing that there is no evidence their 15-year-old son during the shooting, needed mental health treatment before the Oxford High School Shooting in November 2021 has occurred.

    Ethan Crumbley, Shooter of the Oxford High School Shooting, has resulted in four deaths and injured seven others. The shooting has also resulted in his parents facing unprecedented manslaughter charges since the gun he used was purchased by his parents.

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    The Shooter of the Oxford High School Shooting is to Spend Life in Prison without Parole

    According to Detroit News, Ethan Crumbley has pleaded guilty to several felonies, including one count of terrorism causing death, four counts of first-degree murder, seven counts of attempted murder and 12 counts of using a gun during the Oxford High School shooting.

    Crumbley is set to be sentenced on December 8 in front of Rowe. However, his attorneys are still in arguments about whether he is to spend his life in prison without parole.

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