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    Leavings of Hurricane Lidia Threaten to Bring Tornado

    Hurricane Lidia made landfall in Mexico as a category 4 storm. (Source: NOAA)

    The remnants of a 140mph hurricane threaten a tornado-filled downpour in southern America. This week, category-4 Hurricane Lidia hit Mexico, causing floods and ‘life-threatening’ winds.

    Across the states, storm systems are converging. Charts of the WX (Source: GB News)

    Heavy Rains and Thunderstorms can Bring Tornadoes

    It soon weakened before dumping tropical energy into the unstable atmosphere following weeks of heatwaves. Tropical Storm Lydia may hit Florida by the end of the week as it joins other storm systems. Jim Dale, British Weather Services’ US weather correspondent, said: “This storm intensified quickly, which is almost unique.” It may initially cross Mexico and then Texas with strong winds and heavy rain. Following its landfall in Mexico, the storm is expected to reroute across the southern United States. Southern American temperatures have risen to 100F for weeks. Mr. Dale predicted a week of storms and maybe tornadoes due to moist, warm eastern Pacific air. It might cross the country under low-pressure systems supercharged by the Atlantic hurricane system. Mr. Dale claims that Lidia is bringing a lot of precipitation with her, which will eventually reach Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana. Tornadoes may be caused by thunderstorms and heavy rain. This might have an impact on Florida and interact with the thunderstorm activity of Tropical Storm Philippe. This portion of the US is going to have terrible weather for the next three days and into the weekend.

    Last Thursday, NOAA reported an “extremely dangerous” Lidia in west-central Mexico with “life-threatening” winds. On Tuesday, 35 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, the storm center reached 140mph. Mexico received its second hurricane this week after Max slammed during the weekend. People celebrating Halloween should take down decorations due to heavy rain in southern America. The main story down south, according to Domenica Davis of the Weather Channel, will be the rain that is expected to be over the Gulf Coast over the next several days. In addition to the rain, there may be wind and a chance of severe weather, which is especially concerning for Florida. All tropical moisture will come from the west and south. A low system in the Gulf of Mexico has combined with a front, according to Chris Dolce of the Weather Channel. This means that the Gulf low will not develop into a tropical cyclone. The tropical moisture from Hurricane Lidia, which made landfall on Mexico’s west coast on Tuesday, will mix with the front and low to bring torrential rains to the south.

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