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Israel and Hamas War: How the Conflict Could Pose Potential Dangers for Other States

Israel and Hamas War (Photo: ABC)

The conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza could pose potential dangers to allied states such as the US, Europe, and Ukraine. This highlights the need for careful consideration and strategic planning.

Israel and Hamas War (Photo: Colorado Newsline)

Israel and Hamas Conflict: Israel Launches Military Operations and Political Leadership

The conflict between Israel and Hamas, as reported by SEMAFOR, began with an attack launched by Hamas on Gaza. Unfortunately, this resulted in the injury and loss of lives of both military personnel and civilians on both sides. The prime minister of Israel has stated that if Hamas continues to seek war, then Israel will be forced to respond in kind.

Thus, Israel took it upon itself to launch military operations in the Gaza Strip to remove the Hamas militia and political leadership. This operation is said to take months. Moreover, The Israel Defense Forces stated in a report that they also cut food, water, and electricity into the Palestinian enclave.

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Israel and Hamas War Could Pose Risks on U.S., Europe, and Ukraine

According to Yahoo News, Israel and Hamas’s current war could threaten other states, such as the United States, Europe, and Ukraine.

The Biden administration stated that the Israel and Hamas war was believed to be holding American citizens as hostages inside Gaza. However, it was not announced that the U.S. Special Operations personnel could get involved in freeing the aforementioned captivated citizens.

Thus, the Biden administration has not given a conclusive message on its support for Israel’s military operations over the past days after the Israel and Hamas conflict started.

Moreover, Europe and Ukraine, have sharply broken with Washington on the war and largely backed Hamas as the countries stated that the Israel and Hamas conflict is the responsibility of Israel.

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