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    Alleged Reason of Starbucks San Francisco Outlets Closing Due to City’s Expected

    October 29, Marin City, California On October 29, 2021, in San Francisco, California, a Starbucks establishment displays its logo outside. A day after the coffee chain revealed fourth-quarter earnings that were below analyst estimates, Starbucks shares dropped 7%. Additionally, the firm declared that by the summer of 2022, barista wages will increase. (Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Starbucks is closing many San Francisco outlets after Whole Foods closed. On Tuesday, Starbucks announced it would close seven of its 59 Seattle locations on Oct. 22. The city’s doom loop accelerates.

    Starbucks to close its outlets in San Francisco. (Source: Business News)

    San Francisco Crime Rates Increases

    Starbucks’ official reason for departing San Francisco did not include crime. According to Jessica Borton, Starbucks’ Northern California regional vice president, when faced with the unenviable chore of shutting a store, Starbucks takes several different considerations into account, but ultimately, the goal is to maintain a store portfolio that is in good health.

    That corporate jargon does not tell much, but crime and the city’s deteriorating street conditions likely contributed to this widespread suspension. Starbucks has jumped into woke causes and avoided woke repercussions. The coffee chain’s silence on crime is expected. Starbucks is one of many prominent chains that have shrunk or left San Francisco in recent years. The tendency appears to be accelerating as clients leave once-thriving commercial locations. Organized criminality destroyed stores.

    CNN correspondent visited San Francisco’s hardest-hit Walgreens. Nearly everything was locked. She saw three thefts in 30 minutes at the business. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 97% of eateries were vandalized in September. Businesses must wipe up graffiti and smashed windows or pay a $500 city punishment. Government policies caused the issue. The city suspended graffiti removal during COVID-19. Graffiti and other property crimes are rampant.

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    Thieves in San Francisco are Everywhere

    The homeless are using encampments as pirate hideouts. Bay Area harbor robbers steal houseboats and yachts with small boats. The thieves often assault passengers. Any plans to halt the pirates? Not really. The Oakland Police Department rarely answers calls. Steven Young, a local, told CBS Bay Area last month that he phoned the police when his boat was stolen. “I told them, ‘Somebody’s on the boat; they’re moving it as we speak,’” Young said. “Can you impound it down below? Police said, ‘Well, do you have a police report?’  ‘No, we just found it. Grounded, people are on it. You can accomplish anything. We cannot do anything, they said. Get a police report.

    Despite its abundance of resources, the future is grim for this aggressive, poisoned metropolis. Increased expenses in the business industries, increased risks, and increased revenues do not automatically equate to long-term success. Additional businesses will cease operations, leaving behind boarded-up structures and a worsening public perception of San Francisco. Despite a 40,000 drop in population, the New York Post reported on Wednesday that the city’s office vacancy rate was roughly 30% as of last month.

    The failure of city enterprises will hurt socialists. San Francisco’s $780 billion fiscal deficit is still growing. The ludicrous reparations scheme will cost more than most nations’ entire budgets. How would it be reimbursed? San Francisco’s rioting has mostly stopped. Last year, Chesa Boudin was called up. Democrat Mayor London Breed is one of the two people who must talk about crime in the Bay Area media. Leaders in SF are unlikely to change direction due to the negative long-term trend.

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