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    Cigna Group Owes $172 Million Settlement for Incorrect Medical Advantage Diagnosis to Collect More Payments

    Cigna logo in transparent glass (Source: Stat news)

    A company that provides health insurance Claims that the Cigna Group provided the federal government with incorrect Medicare Advantage diagnosis codes to boost payments may result in the company paying more than 172 million dollars in fines.

    Bloomfield, Connecticut-based Cigna Group is a for-profit worldwide healthcare and insurance firm. Most of its insurance subsidiaries sell medical, dental, disability, life, and accident insurance and related goods and services to businesses and other groups. (Source: Wikipedia)

    Cigna Group on False Claims to Boost Member Payments

    In published news from AP News, according to the United States Department of Justice, the charges that Cigna Group violated the False Claims Act by submitting and failing to withdraw “inaccurate and untruthful” codes served as the primary focus of the prosecution. According to a statement released by the agency on Saturday, Cigna Group provided a fraudulent written certification stating that its data was accurate. Cigna Group, the long-running legal dispute was finally closed after they settled with the government. They also stated that the resolution “avoided the uncertainty and further expense” of a drawn-out judicial struggle. Medicare Advantage plans are variations of the Medicare program provided by the federal government that are managed privately and are primarily intended for individuals aged 65 and older.

    Cigna Group also indicated that the company will enter into a five-year corporate integrity agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general office. This agreement is intended to encourage members to follow the requirements established by the federal health program. Cigna Group’s stock rose 86 cents to $286.93 during the afternoon trading session on Monday. The broader indexes revealed a mixed picture.

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