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    Correctional Officer Robert Clark Dies After Attack From Inmate with Homemade Weapon at Smith State Prison in Georgia, Officials Say

    Correctional Officer Robert Clark died after assault (Photo: PBS)

    A correctional officer dies after an inmate killed him with a lethal weapon the offender made at a Georgia prison.

    Correctional Officer Robert Clark died after assault (Photo: Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

    Correctional Officer Robert Clark Assaulted in a Georgia Prison

    According to the Charlotte Observer, Correctional Officer Robert Clark was assaulted by an inmate while he was escorting from a dining hall.

    According to the statements from the Georgia Department of Corrections officials, Correctional Officer Robert Clark, 42, was escorting two offenders from the Smith State Prison dining hall on a Sunday. However, one of the offenders Layton Lester had other plans and attacked Correctional Officer Robert Clark from behind resulting in fatal injuries. The other inmate tried to assist the officer and also received injuries from Lester.

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    Correctional Officer Robert Clark Dies from Attack

    KKTV reports that Correctional Officer Robert Clark was transported to the nearest hospital, along with the inmate who assisted him. Unfortunately, Correctional Officer Robert Clark died from the injuries he got from the attack, while the inmate who assisted him remains hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

    The officials were mourning the loss of Correctional Officer Robert Clark. They additionally stated that the offender, Layton Lester, will be charged with the assault and death of Correctional Officer Robert Clark, as well as the assault of a fellow offender.

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