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    New Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Mechanism Could Help Detect Life on Mars with 90% Accuracy, Researcher Say 

    Artificial intelligence algorithms could help detect life on Mars (Photo:

    A new paper that outlines a new artificial intelligence algorithm stated that the new mechanism could help detect life on Mars with 90% accuracy.

    Artificial intelligence algorithms could help detect life on Mars (Photo: Artificial Intelligence Board)

    Paper About Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Says There’s Life on Mars

    Forbes reports that a new paper about a new artificial intelligence algorithm has been published.

    According to the paper that was published in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,” an artificial intelligence algorithm machine that there is an alien life on Mars. However, these biological processes are known to degrade over time.

    It was stated that the technology before was not high-tech enough to accurately study the presence of the alien lives on Mars.

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    New Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Can Detect Life on Mars with 90% Accuracy

    SPACE reports that now, there is a new method that is based on a new artificial intelligence algorithm that is capable of detecting subtle differences in the patterns of the molecule that indicate biological signals. According to scientists, the mechanism has shown a result of 90% accuracy.

    In the near future, artificial intelligence algorithms will be embedded in smarter sensors on machine space explorers to help detect lives on Mars when exploring the moon or the red planet.

    With this new study, it is important to note that this research could be revolutionary for scientists with the help of artificial intelligence.

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