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    Convicted Murderer in South Carolina Charged with Another 22 Federal Crimes Pleads Guilty

    At the hearing in state court involving the myriad of financial offences, Murdaugh made his first appearance in public after being convicted of murder for the first time. (Source: AP News)

    Richard Alexander “Alex” Murdaugh, a 55-year-old former personal injury attorney known for his extended and profitable career in Hampton, South Carolina, pled guilty this week to 22 federal crimes ranging from wire fraud to bank fraud to money laundering and conspiracy.

    Since his conviction for the double homicide, Murdaugh made his initial appearance in state court this past Thursday. (NBC News/WRDW)

    Murder Conviction Case of Murdaugh Added with Federal Crime Charges

    Murdaugh, who is already convicted for the murder of his wife and kid, acknowledged a string of financial offenses that spanned several years and featured various schemes aimed at malicious monetary gain on Thursday. According to the Department of Justice, Murdaugh’s illegal financial operations lasted from at least September 2005 until October 2021. His devious methods ensnared a diverse variety of victims, including trusted clients, law firm associates, banks, and insurance companies.

    His illicit organization grew to the point where he collaborated with banker Russell Laffitte, altering settlement checks and diverting monies for personal purposes. Another plan was the transfer of clients’ settlement monies through fictitious charges and direct fees, all of which ended up in his pockets. Murdaugh and attorney Cory Fleming also plotted to swindle estates and insurance companies, misdirecting approximately $4 million in settlements.

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     Federal Prosecutor Will Make Sure to Keep Him Imprisoned

    Murdaugh is currently convicted for the murder case and now awaits sentencing for his federal crime charges, with the possibility of up to 30 years in jail and a $1 million fine per count, as well as roughly 100 different state counts and restitution demands. His co-conspirators faced their legal ramifications, including prison sentences. Murdaugh was also accused of insurance fraud by having someone attempt to kill him. That plan, which was supposed to net his surviving son $10 million through an insurance claim, fell apart when the bullet meant to kill Murdaugh grazed his head.

    According to the Associated Press, the breadth and audacity of Murdaugh’s transgressions will be heard in Federal Court, where Federal prosecutor Emily Limehouse will ask that the federal sentence Murdaugh receives run concurrently with any prison term he serves from a state court, ensuring that he is “never a free man again.”

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