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South Korean Arion-SMET Undergoes Field Tests with US Marine Corps Evaluation

U.S. Army evaluates Arion-SMET (Photo: Joint Forces)

South Korea’s Arion-SMET robotic combat vehicle will undergo field tests at a U.S. Marine Corps training center while being evaluated.

U.S. Army evaluates Arion-SMET (Photo: EDR Magazine)

Arion-SMET Enters Evaluation Phase

South Korean Arion-SMET will undergo field tests for the Foreign Comparative Performance Test project with the U.S. Department of Defense, according to Defence.

The press release announced that Arion-SMET will be evaluated by the U.S. Military and will be conducted near the U.S. Marine Corps Base in Hawaii as the Arion-SMET is tasked with transporting fuel, food, water, patients, and repair parts.

Arion-SMET reached a historic milestone for South Koreans, as it became the first South Korean-developed military unmanned vehicle to participate in the FCT program.

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South Korea’s Combat Vehicle, Arion-SMET

According to Cryptopolitan, Arion-SMET is an acronym for Autonomous and Robotic System for Intelligence Off-road Navigation – Small Multi-purpose Equipment Transport. The Arion-SMET is a 2-ton vehicle that has a maximum speed of 43km/h.

The Arion-SMET was primarily built for supporting infantry operations, but South Korea found its way to maximize the features of the unmanned vehicle.

Now, the Arion-SMET can operate to transport munitions and weapons, evacuate the wounded, transport food and water supplies, have remote-controlled or autonomous reconnaissance and surveillance, and have close combat support.

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