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    A Former Federal Prosecutor Abruptly Resigned In The Trump-Russia Investigation

    Nora Dannehy A Former Federal Prosecutor's Abrupt Resignation (Photo: arkansasonline)

    A former federal prosecutor who helped in the investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation said on Wednesday that she left the team because she disagreed strongly with a draft of an interim report then-Attorney General William Barr considered releasing before the election and because of his public remarks regarding the case.

    Former Federal Prosecutor Abruptly Resigned (Photo: abc7news)

    The Reason Behind Nora Dannehy A Former Federal Prosecutor’s Abrupt Resignation

    “I just couldn’t participate in it. So I quit,” Nora Dannehy, a former federal prosecutor, said in front of Connecticut legislators at her confirmation hearing for the position of state Supreme Court nominee. It was the first time Dannehy had discussed her abrupt resignation from the investigation being led by former special counsel John Durham in public.

    A single guilty plea from a little-known FBI lawyer, which resulted in probation, and two jury acquittals were the investigation’s disappointing outcomes, which came to a conclusion last May.

    Former federal prosecutor Dannehy, the first female U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut, told Connecticut lawmakers that politics “never played a role” in how she was expected to carry out her duties as a federal prosecutor and that “that was the Justice Department I thought I was returning to” when she eventually joined Durham’s team.

    During a June hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Durham refused to respond to inquiries on Dannehy’s resignation, claiming that the matter was not covered in the report he was summoned to discuss.

    The investigation involves highly sensitive information, therefore the former federal prosecutor declined to go into detail about what transpired during her involvement with it.

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    Nora Dannehy A Former Federal Prosecutor

    The 62-year-old native of Connecticut and former federal prosecutor worked for the U.S. from 2008 to 2010, as the District of Connecticut’s attorney. She eventually became Connecticut’s deputy attorney general before accepting a position as associate general counsel for global ethics and compliance with United Technologies Corporation.

    By a vote of 30-4 on Wednesday, the Judiciary Committee of the General Assembly approved her nomination. Next week’s vote is expected from the full General Assembly.

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