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    Alabama Band Director Arrested After Refusing Police Requests To Stop Performing At Football Game

    Band Director Refuses To Stop Performing At Football Game [Photo: NBC News]
    Band Director Refuses To Stop Performing At Football Game [Photo: NBC News]

    A band director was tased and arrested after he refused police officers’ request to stop performing his band following a football game in Birmingham.

    Minor Band Director During The Incident [Photo: CNN]

    Minor Band Director During The Incident [Photo: CNN]

    Minor and Jackson-Olin High School Bands

    According to the source, an Alabama band director was shocked with a stun gun and arrested by police officers after refusing to stop his band’s performance following a high school football game in Birmingham. Police body camera video captured the scene on Thursday following a win by Minor High School at PD Jackson-Olin High School in Birmingham. It showed that the three officers repeatedly asked the band director for Minor to stop playing. But the band director refuses to do so.

    Police officers started clearing out the stadium when the game ended and noticed that both schools’ bands were still performing. The officers asked both band directors to stop performing so people would start leaving. The band director for Jackson-Olin stopped, but the band director for Minor continued to perform. After that, the band director of Minor was hit with a stun gun several times by one officer and placed in handcuffs.

    According to the source, the band director of Minor repeatedly told the police officers, “Get out of my face.” He added, ” This is our last song.”Then, one officer threatens the band director that he will go to jail. The band director responded with a thumbs-up and said, “That’s cool.” The band director was taken to the Birmingham City Jail, where he was booked and later bonded.

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