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GenZ’s Little Treat Rule: How They Spin On Their Finances

How GenZ managed their personal finances with the little treat rule (Photo: Navi)

GenZ is both big spenders and big savers, relying mostly on the “little treat rule.” The young adult generation has found ways to save to spend more.

How GenZ managed their personal finances with the little treat rule (Photo:

GenZ’s Little Treat Rule

According to USA Today, the young adults of the generation have found a way to save and spend with their little treat rule. The little treat rule is a financial strategy that involves setting a strict budget for saving and spending while still allowing young adults to enjoy small indulgences.

One of the young adults stated in USA Today that many GenZ are cheap with certain things where they are not spending a dollar to save up. However, there are other things that they are willing to put money into because they think it is worth it. That is what they do to spin on their personal finances.

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The Benefits of the Little Treat Rule

According to the GoBankingRates, there are three benefits of the little treat rule. The little treat rule encourages saving many young adults by letting them set a specific goal as it encourages consistent saving, which is crucial for financial stability. Moreover, one of the benefits is that it allows for flexibility and promotes mental well-being.

However, the question is: does the little treat rule work? Unfortunately, it depends on the individual if the little treat rule works. For some, this method may encourage young adults to save and splurge their finances. However, many individuals, especially those who have many obligations, may not be able to do it.

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