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The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore: After Dark

what are the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore (Photo: smithsonianmag)

Understanding the area beforehand, both the positive and negative characteristics of each neighborhood, is always helpful.

information about the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore (Photo: tripsavvy)

Baltimore has some beautiful aspects, but it is also noted for its high poverty and crime rates. So, if you’re planning a trip, getting familiar with the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore would be advantageous.

According to Southwest Journal, Cherry Hill is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore. This area is notorious for its ties to the MS-13 gang, and many locals have unfortunately become victims. Given its high violent crime rate of 3,146, the severity of these crimes exceeds that of the majority of others. It’s best to stay away from this neighborhood entirely. The neighborhood has a concerning crime rate, which is 235% more than the national average, and includes offenses such as homicide, sexual assault, and property-related offences.

West Baltimore’s crime rate is 353% higher than the national average, according to FBI data, with 3,197 reported violent crimes and 7,438 reported property crimes which made it on the list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore. Murder, assault, and sexual assault are among the offenses, as are burglary, vehicle theft, and property theft.

Greenmount East is also one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore since it had 2,952 violent crimes and 5,888 property crimes in 2020, resulting in an overall crime rate 277% higher than the national average. Murder and sexual assault are among the offenses, as are vehicle theft and minor property offences.

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Despite being a regional economic and cultural center, the city has a significantly higher crime rate than the national average.

According to PropertyClub, people should also be vigilant in Middle East, Fairfield, East Monument Historic District, Pulaski, Greater Rosemont, Grove Park, and Sandtown-Winchester, which are also on the list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore.

If you are thinking of relocating, these are some of the most neighborhoods in Baltimore to avoid.

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