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The Houston Area Womens Center (HAWC) Is Asking The NBA to Ban Houston Rockets Guard Kevin Porter Jr.

NBA must discipline Rockets' Kevin Porter Jr. harshly said HAWC (Photo: thedreamshake)

The Houston Area Womens Center (HAWC), a domestic violence victim advocacy organization, has asked the NBA to ban Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. following charges that he abused his girlfriend, former WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick, in a New York City hotel room.

The Houston-based domestic violence victim group Houston Area Womens Center (HAWC) says that NBA must discipline Rockets’ Kevin Porter Jr. (Photo: houstonpublicmedia)

Porter, 23, was arrested and accused with assault and strangulation in New York City on Monday.

According to FOX News, the Houston Area Womens Center (HAWC), which assists thousands of women, children, and families each year in escaping domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking, feels the NBA and all professional leagues have to improve domestic violence policies in cases like Porter’s.

“At what point do leagues say it has gone too far? Surely it should have happened before now,” said the Houston Area Womens Center HAWC President and CEO Emilee Whitehurst in a statement received by Fox News Digital. “We challenge the NBA and other professional sports leagues to strengthen their domestic violence policies and hold perpetrators accountable.”

According to The Associated Press, prosecutors stated during Porter’s arraignment on Tuesday that Gondrezick had a fractured neck vertebra and a deep cut above her right eye as a result of the alleged attack.

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At Porter’s arraignment, Assistant District Attorney Mirah Curzer claimed that the Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. frequently hit Gondrezick, causing a laceration in the direction of her privilege eye, strangled her, and shattered a skeleton inside her neck.

In the recent published article by NewsUSA, according to Hantman, Gondrezick actually has a congential defect that was mistaken inside favor of a cracked vertebra, despite the fact that the offender complaint stated she had a “fractured vertebrae.”

There is no denying that it is a “serious close force case,” Curzer pointed out outside after the arraignment.

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