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A Mother from Massachusetts Charged with Three Counts of Murder After she Strangled her Children Pleads Not Guilty

A happy family picture of a mother struggling with postpartum depression. (Source: New York Post)

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office charges Lindsay Clancy a mother in Massachusetts, 32-year-old, with three counts of murder and strangulation in the deaths of 5-year-old Cora, 3-year-old Dawson, and 8-month-old Callan Clancy.

3 Children died in Massachusetts after their mother strangles them to death. (Source: Inside edition)

A Mother in Massachusetts Strangles Her 3 Children to Death

A grand jury indicted the mother from Massachusetts who strangled her three children and attempted suicide. According to Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, Lindsay Clancy, 32, faces three murder and strangulation charges for killing 5-year-old Cora, 3-year-old Dawson, and 8-month-old Callan Clancy.  According to the arrest warrant, Lindsay was indicted in Plymouth District Court earlier this year on two murder charges, three strangulation or suffocation charges, and three assault and battery with a deadly weapon charge.

This new indictment brings her case to Plymouth District Court. Court records show Lindsay is receiving mental health treatment at Tewksbury Hospital without a plea. She will stay in a state hospital until November. Patrick’s 911 call from Jan. 24 shows Lindsay sending her husband to get food for the family. He got home to find his wife had leaped out a window and his three children strangled with exercise bands in the basement.

The hospital death occurred later that night for the elder children, 5-year-old Cora and 3-year-old Dawson. Two days later, 8-month-old Callan died”I want to ask all of you to find it deep within yourselves to forgive Lindsay, as I have,” her husband said after their children died. Lindsay genuinely cared about me, our children, family, friends, and her patients. Her spirit is filled with love. “All I want is for her to be at peace.”

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A Mother in Massachusetts is Going Through Postpartum Mental Sickness

According to prosecutors, the mother from Massachusetts was in her right mind when she sent her husband out for dinner and killed their three children. Patrick was her only contact at the time, thus analysts consider him a vital witness. Lindsay’s lawyer, Kevin J. Reddington, claimed at her Feb. 7 arraignment that his client had “bad thoughts,” “worsening depression,” and “wasn’t sleeping.” “She’s suicidal,” Reddington said of Clancy, who appeared via Zoom from her hospital bed. “She’s extremely emotional but can’t express happiness, sadness, or cry.”

Reddington also claimed that the mother had postpartum mental sickness and was overprescribed medication at the time. In February, Patrick said he was searching for his life purpose. “My family was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Patrick wrote. I was proud to be Lindsay’s husband and dad to Cora, Dawson, and Callan. I kept telling myself each day with them was a gift.”

Lindsay pleaded not guilty to the original accusations in Plymouth District Court in February.

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