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    China Prepares Armed Units to Defeat US Military Defense

    Frank Kendall, Civilian head of the U.S. Air Force (Source: Air force Sustainment System)

    Frank Kendall stated China has built two new armed units, including a Rocket Force to assault US aircraft ships and advanced airfields.

    Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall speaks to attendees at the U.S. Space Force. (Source: Andy Morataya/Air Force)

    China Develops Military Units that Aim to Attack US Military Defense

    In a published article from The Messenger News, the civilian head of the U.S. Air Force warned Monday that China has been preparing for war for 20 years, primarily with the U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall remarked at the Air & Space Forces Association’s 2023 Air, Space & Cyber Conference in Maryland: “China has been re-optimizing its forces for great power competition and to prevail against the U.S. in the Western Pacific for over 20 years.

    China is developing military capabilities to fulfill national objectives even if the United States opposes them. According to the Secretary, China has constructed two new military units, including a Rocket Force to attack US aircraft carriers and sophisticated airfields. The day before, Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley declared China “an enemy” in a CNN interview.

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    China is Determined to Make Techniques Against US Military Defense

    Kendall said the U.S. should keep fighting terrorism, but it should also compete with “great powers.” He added violent extremist groups still pose a threat, which we will confront when they arise. “China far outpaces challenge,” Kendall said the conflict was not inevitable, but Congress must prevent funding gridlocks to ensure the military has the resources for escalations.

    Kendall claims that their purpose is to avoid confrontation while being prepared to win if it does arise. “Everyone agrees that the Air and Space Forces must change or we will lose the war.” Kendall authorized the Air and Space departments to create targets faster in response to China’s threats in a statement issued on September 5. “It has become clear to the entire senior leadership team that we are not optimized for great power competition,” according to the document.

    The United States’ support for Taiwan has heightened tensions with Beijing, which believes Taiwan to be a part of China. Kendall warned that China’s interference in Taiwan may mimic the international response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. If our military projection and capabilities are insufficient to deter Chinese aggression against Taiwan or elsewhere, war may break out. Kendall believes that if it occurs and we lose, it might have long-term consequences.

    Despite his “impatience,” he told the audience that the Air and Space Forces were being bolstered to counter threats.

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