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    Blair Teenager Charged with Misdemeanor Motor Vehicle Homicide in Omaha

    Teenager charged with misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide. (Source: WHYY)

    A youngster from Blair was charged with misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide this week in connection with a June collision that killed an Omaha lady.

    Misdemeanor motor vehicle murder, one died in the said accident. (Source: The Scottish Sun)

    Victim of Misdemeanor Motor Vehicle Homicide: Dead on Arrival

    Prosecutors charged 17-year-old Laik Young with misdemeanor motor vehicle murder on Wednesday, nearly three months after the incident that killed 38-year-old Kasia Richardson. Investigators discovered that Young was traveling around 30 mph over the speed limit when he collided with Richardson’s car. The incident happened at 2:45 p.m. on June 20 near Hefflinger Park in west Omaha, according to Omaha police booking record for Young. Young was driving a Chevrolet Suburban west on West Maple Road. Richardson was traveling east on West Maple Road in her Ford Fusion when she attempted to turn left onto Emmet Street. Richardson pulled out in front of Young’s car, forcing the Suburban to collide with the passenger side of her car.

    Young was speeding at 73 mph at the time of the incident, according to investigators. The speed limit in the region is 45 miles per hour. Richardson was rushed to the hospital and CPR was started, but she died as a consequence of her injuries in the incident. Young and his two siblings, who were also in the car and were not wearing seatbelts, were rushed to the hospital with significant injuries.

    Young faces up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine if convicted. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, such as DUI or careless driving, motor vehicle homicide is charged as a misdemeanor. In prosecution records, prosecutors stated that Young’s driving was careless, which means he drove without necessary caution but not recklessly, which would imply an indifference or “wanton disregard” for safety.

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