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    Tucson Police Are Looking for Person of Interest in The Brutal Deaths of Two Dogs

    Police looking for person of interest in brutal murder of two dogs (Photo: yahoo)

    Tucson Police are investigating and looking for a person of interest in the horrible deaths of two dogs.

    Police are investigating and are looking for person of interest in the brutal deaths of two dogs (Photo: thoughtco)

    The deaths of the dogs, according to authorities, happened around the 1300 block of N. Euclid Ave and 3300 N. Los Altos on Friday.

    In the recent published article by 13 News, Gabrielle Clarke claims her dog was cruelly murdered and placed into a suitcase by her now-former roommate, Cyris Panos, on Friday.

    Clarke told 13 News that she returned home and was unable to find her beloved Hazel anywhere and began frantically searching for her, knowing something wasn’t right.

    “In the car,” she added, “something caught my eye.” “I’m not sure what it was or why it happened. However, it lured me to the car. I started checking the car, and there was a suitcase in the back window.”  That same day, Angelyssa Hudson and her roommates discovered a similar scene.

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    Panos, the person of interest, according to Hudson, spent a lot of time at the house and was familiar with the dogs who lived there, including their beloved dog, Ellie.

    According to KOLD, Panos had came by on Friday and appeared out of sorts, and asked to take Ellie for a walk. But the household didn’t realized that was the last time they’d see her. A TPD spokesperson informed 13 News reporter Shelby Slaughter that the two incidents are possibly related. Panos is currently a person of interest with whom they wish to speak with.

    The person of interest is described as a 25-year-old male, standing five feet seven inches tall, with brown eyes and blonde hair. Lexi Leaves, their drag queen name, might also be used.

    The investigation is still ongoing and anyone with information of the person of interest is encouraged to contact the police.

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