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    House Grand Old Party (GOP) Defense Funding Bill Faces The Possibility Of A Veto From The White House

    Joe Biden threatens to veto House House Grand Old Party (GOP) Defense Funding Bill (Photo: Med Page Today)

    As Congress returns to Washington this week to work on a compromise bill, the White House threatened to veto the House Grand Old Party (GOP) defense funding bill.

    Joe Biden threatens to veto House House Grand Old Party (GOP) Defense Funding Bill (Photo: Vox)

    President Joe Biden Would Veto A Right-Wing House Grand Old Party (GOP) Defense Funding Bill

    As per the report of POLITICO, President Joe Biden would veto a right-wing defense funding bill that’s slated to be considered on the House floor this week, his administration said on Monday.

    The White House declared it “strongly opposes” the Pentagon spending measure in a statement outlining its objections, dinging Republicans for loading the bill with conservative policy riders, including on abortions and transgender troops.

    The administration argued that including disputed policy items in an appropriations bill significantly increases the risk of a continuing resolution, which would worsen the threat to America’s national security.

    The Pentagon’s quest for multi-year contracts to increase missile production was among the complaints the administration leveled at House Grand Old Party (GOP) appropriators.

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    House Grand Old Party (GOP) Defense Funding Bill

    According to Yahoo News, the House passed its legislation in July, which sets the nation’s armed services’ fiscal 2024 budget at $886 billion, matching President Biden’s request for defense expenditure. However, it was stuffed with conservative amendments on contentious topics like abortion, transgender rights, diversity and inclusion programs, and others. At the time, the White House declared that it was against the bill.

    The yearly military measure was then enacted by the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, with a top line of $886 billion for fiscal 2024.

    It is now up to the House and Senate to craft a compromise legislation.

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