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Rep. Ken Buck Warns Of A “Perfect Storm” Brewing In The House In The Upcoming Weeks

Rep. Ken Buck Warns A "Perfect Storm" Brewing In The House (Photo: NBC News)

As the deadline to fund the government gets closer, Rep. Ken Buck said on Sunday that the House will be experiencing a “perfect storm” as the pressure to look into President Biden’s impeachment by some conservative lawmakers grows more intense.

Rep. Ken Buck Warns Of A “Perfect Storm” (Photo:

“Perfect Storm” Brewing In The House In The Upcoming Weeks

When the House of Representatives meets again this month following its August recess, Rep. Ken Buck described the “perfect storm” that will be waiting for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” Rep. Ken Buck stated, “I believe a perfect storm is brewing in the House in the near future, in September.”

“The impeachment matter is another concern. Additionally, we have House members who care about policy problems, including my dear buddy Chip Roy. They want a guarantee of some sort of border security in the form of riders or modifications in the spending bills.” Rep. Ken Buck stated.

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“Perfect Storm” Awaiting House Speaker Kevin Mccarthy

McCarthy is under mounting pressure from Republican voters and lawmakers to launch an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden. In light of further details about Hunter Biden’s business transactions that Republicans claim implicate the president, the speaker has declared his determination to pursue an investigation.

“You take those three things combined,” said Rep. Ken Buck, “and Kevin McCarthy — the speaker has made commitments on each of those issues to various groups — and now, it is all coming due at the same time.”

Rep. Ken Buck said that he thinks McCarthy will continue serving as a speaker at the end of the year when Psaki questioned him about it.

“I don’t think anyone else has really stepped out and expressed a willingness to take on this position”, he said.

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