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Pennsylvania Escaped Murderer Has Slipped Out Of Search Areas And Changed Appearance Afterwards

Pennsylvania Escaped Murderer Has Slipped Out Of Search (Photo: Huff Post)

A Pennsylvania Escaped Murderer who avoided capture since escaping from a prison in southeast Pennsylvania a week and a half ago appears to have slipped out of the search area and changed his appearance and is currently being sought in a stolen vehicle, according to authorities.

Pennsylvania Escaped Murderer (Photo: time)

Pennsylvania Escaped Murderer, Identified By Pennsylvania State Police As Danelo Souza Cavalcante

The Pennsylvania Escaped Murderer, identified by Pennsylvania State Police as Danelo Souza Cavalcante, was last seen overnight near Phoenixville in northern Chester County, more than 20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of the region that has been the main search area up to this point, according to a statement released early on Sunday. However, just before noon on Sunday, they warned Phoenixville residents that there might not be as much of a police presence anymore since “investigative leads have emerged that indicate Cavalcante is no longer in that area.”

Police reported that the Pennsylvania Escaped Murderer is now clean-shaven, wearing a yellow or green hooded sweatshirt, a black baseball cap, a pair of green prison pants, and white shoes. He was driving a 2020 White Ford Transit van with a refrigeration unit on top, Pennsylvania registration ZST8818, that Baily’s Dairy had reported as stolen.

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The Search For The Pennsylvania Escaped Murderer

The Pennsylvania escaped murderer, identified by Pennsylvania State Police as Danelo Souza Cavalcante, who had been given a life sentence for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend in 2021, broke out of the Chester County Prison on August 31 while being prepared for transfer to a state prison. He allegedly sought to prevent her from informing the police that he was wanted for questioning in connection with a murder in Brazil.

Phoenixville is located more than 20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of Longwood Gardens, the site of the latest search, and roughly 13 miles (21 kilometers) northeast of the penitentiary. Two other confirmed sightings of the Pennsylvania escaped murderer inside that search area were reported by police on Saturday. The search “now moved north of our community,” according to a notification posted by Longwood Gardens, although the community remained closed as they “assessed the state of our gardens”.

Cavalcante, the Pennsylvania escaped murderer has been deemed by authorities to be extremely dangerous. Anyone with information is urged to contact 911, according to police. The prize for information leading to his capture is $20,000.00.

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