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TV Reality Star Corey Harrison Arrested For Alleged DUI In Las Vegas

Corey Harrison Arrested For Alleged DUI (Photo: The Event Chronicle)

Corey Harrison, a TV reality star from the Pawn Stars series, was reportedly detained for DUI early on Friday morning in Las Vegas.

TV Reality Star Corey Harrison (Photo: distractify)

TV Reality Star Corey Harrison’s Arrest

An article published by Pop Culture, according to TMZ, who spoke with TV reality star Corey Harrison and law authorities, was detained on Friday morning and charged with DUI (driving under the influence). Harrison was detained in Las Vegas early on Friday morning, according to the police. Harrison, Rick Harrison’s son, asserts that there is more to his arrest than first appears to be.

The TV reality star Corey Harrison claims that when he came into contact with police on Friday early, he wasn’t inebriated or under the influence of any drugs. Harrison claims that an officer pulled him over, accused him of swerving, and inquired about his sobriety. Harrison claims to have abstained from alcohol for seven hours after reportedly having a drink on his flight from Minnesota to Vegas.

The officer interrogating the TV reality star decided that his justification was insufficient and ordered him to take a field sobriety test. Harrison claims the officer refused his request for a breathalyzer test because the machine was malfunctioning. Harrison was detained by the officer after seemingly failing the field sobriety test.

TV reality star Corey Harrison claims that the breathalyzer at the police station did not function either once he was in custody. The History Channel star was given the option of submitting to a blood test or spending the rest of the weekend in detention. Harrison complied, and eight hours later, he was let go. As of the time of publication, police had not made the findings of that blood test public.

Las Vegas police have not verified Harrison’s description of the encounter, other than to say that they detained him.

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TV Reality Star Corey Harrison

Since the History Channel reality series Pawn Stars debuted in 2019, Corey Harrison, also known by the moniker “Big Hoss,” has been a participant. Along with his father Rick Harrison and grandfather Richard “Old Man” Harrison, he has assisted in running the shop. Richard, who was 77, passed away in 2018.

Along with Chumlee (actual name Austin Russell), he also works with Chumlee. Corey Harrison is not typically involved in discussions about Pawn Stars’ legal problems. Instead, Chumlee is. Chumlee notably entered a guilty plea to both a misdemeanor attempted drug possession charge and a felony firearm charge in 2016. The accusations resulted from a newsworthy search of Chumlee’s house during a sexual assault inquiry.

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