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    Kaos Superyacht Attacked and Vandalized Again

    Kaos Superyacht

    Why does the Kaos superyacht attract wreckage? After the initial attack on July 17, 2023, eco-activists Futuro Vegetal attacked Nancy Walton’s $300 million luxury vessel again.

    Members of the Futuro Vegetal group were seen posing with a sign in front of the vandalized boat belonging to Walmart billionaire heiress Nancy Walton Laurie. (Source: New York Post)

    ‘Billionaires should not exist’ Latest Vandal in Kaos Superyacht

    On September 8, 2023, climate protestors damaged Kaos Superyacht again in red paint with a shocking banner that said ‘Billionaires should not exist.’ The 360-foot boat was parked in Barcelona. Two members broke marina security and sprayed the newly renovated Oceanco ship with more biodegradable paint, causing mayhem surrounding the Kaos motor yacht.

    According to El Salto, the campaigners plan to send a ‘loud and clear’ message to billionaires about the climate crisis. A protestor voiced his sorrow, saying that this year has seen the highest temperatures in human history and that instead of cutting emissions, we have continued to produce billions of tons of CO2. “We must drastically reduce emissions, and we will not ask the poorest people to do so.” We must deny that 1%’s social license to pollute because they have money and influence.” Futuro Vegetal looks to have found a target in the 360-footer, which isn’t among the top 20 boats in the world. Walton’s $9.3 billion vessel ranks in the bottom 40 and continues to attract climate activists who utilize Kaos as a propaganda canvas.

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    Climate activists vandalized the Kaos Superyacht

    According to an Oxfam investigation, millionaires emit 1 million times more from their investments and 1000 times more from their lifestyle. They also claimed that the top 300 mega-yachts (Kaos is 43rd) release 285,000 tons of CO2, the equivalent of a country’s emissions. Only the protesters know if they are relying on the Walmart link or whether they seek the same attention as their Ibiza attack. Nancy Walton should be extra cautious until the four-decker ships arrive in Futuro Vegetal’s native nation of Spain, because a vegetarian activist may materialize.

    The $300 million Kaos Superyacht was trashed in Ibiza, but Futuro Vegetal grabbed international notice when they poured fire extinguishers at the vessel on July 17. On Sunday mornings, Kaos went unnoticed in comparison to other Russian oligarchs and celebrity yachts. Climate activists were so outraged that they sprayed crimson and black paint on the majestic ancient royal vessel. It was damaged again after a month of repairs at one of Europe’s major shipyards.

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