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    Berlanti And Murphy Donate $500,000 Apiece To Former Workers Affected By Double Strike

    Berlanti and Murphy Donate $500K To Their Former Workers [Photo: Variety]
    Berlanti and Murphy Donate $500K To Their Former Workers [Photo: Variety]

    Berlanti and Murphy donated $500,000 apiece to funds set up to provide financial assistance to their former workers during the ongoing Hollywood double strike.

    Berlanti and Murphy donated $500,000 to their former employees [Photo: SheKnows]

    Berlanti and Murphy donated $500,000 to their former employees [Photo: SheKnows]

    $500K Donations From Berlanti and Murphy

    SOURCE– Berlanti and Murphy announced on Friday, that they have donated $500,000 apiece to former employees on the dozens of shows they have produced to provide financial assistance during the ongoing Hollywood double strike.

    In Ryan Murphy’s announcement, the producer wrote- “Every story we have woven, in every character brought to life, and every set constructed with them an inimitable thread of collaboration,” stating that Murphy Productions Assistance Fund exists because of imperative to support each other is even more pronounced at that moment. In addition, Berlanti providing financial support to his employees and former workers to the tune of $500,000, he also donated another $300,000 to the Motion Picture and Television Fund and the Entertainment Community Fund.

    Berlanti and Murphy have been friends for decades. In fact, Murphy once paid Berlanti’s rental for 3 months, while he was working on the script for his first ever Hollywood breakthrough. The financial support can help their employees and former workers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many of their coworkers have barely caught financial breath since that pandemic. The news of funds being established arrives alongside continued indications that the double strike won’t be lifting any time soon.

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