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    A Teenager In Alabama Was Detained In A Juvenile Detention Center After Killing Five Family Members

    Juvenile Detention Center (Photo: steward construction inc)

    According to recently disclosed records, an Alabama teenager who was charged with killing his family after learning that his mother wasn’t his biological relative has displayed no remorse while being held in a juvenile detention center.

    Mason Sisk (Photo: Limestone County Sheriff’s Office)

    Juvenile Detention Center Detained A Teenager In Alabama

    A 14-year-old teenage boy in Alabama who killed five members of his family, including three younger siblings, has been sentenced to life in the juvenile detention center without the chance of parole.

    Mason Sisk, now 18 years old, received the punishment on Thursday from Circuit Judge Chadwick Wise. According to Wise, the crime was “ghastly, disturbing, and draped in unmitigated evil” and called for the most severe penalty permitted by the law.

    According to court documents obtained by WAAY, the juvenile who has been charged as an adult was 14 when the killings occurred, and he doesn’t appear to have been affected by them.

    According to Wise, the murders were one of the few instances when a young defendant should receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole. He observed that the victims had been murdered while they were asleep. In contrast to other cases where life sentences for teenage defendants have been upheld, he claimed that the “circumstances of the Sisk case are much more appalling.”

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    The Victims of the Teenager In Alabama Who Was Detained In A Juvenile Detention Center

    According to Wall Street, Mason’s juvenile detention center probation officer noted in a report made public on Tuesday that the fact that he is suspected of killing his family “does not seem to bother Mason.” “He hasn’t displayed any signs of regret. He hasn’t brought up his family at all while being held.

    But according to his juvenile detention center probation officer, Sisk had been getting along with other inmates at the Tennessee Valley Juvenile Detention Center in Tuscumbia, where his cousin believes the killings were motivated by the discovery that his mother wasn’t his biological relative.

    The report states that while in detention, Mason “follows directions, does his schoolwork, and interacts well with others.”

    All five of Sisk’s family were shot in the head, according to the new documents, WAAY said. The teenager who was detained in a juvenile detention center is charged with three charges of killing a victim under the age of 14 and one count of killing two or more people.

    According to WZDX, the victims have been identified as Sisk’s father John Sisk, 38, stepmother Mary Sisk, 35, and three of his half-siblings: Grayson, 6, Aurora, 5, and Colson, 6 months.

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