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Cara Rintala Murder Trial: 3 Jurors Chosen for The 4th Murder Trial in Hampshire Superior Court

Cara Rintala murder trial (Photo: Boston Magazine)

Three jurors have already been chosen for the Cara Rintala murder trial case in Hampshire Superior Court.

Cara Rintala murder trial (Photo: Law & Crime)

Complication of Selection of Jurors for the Cara Rintala Murder Trial

According to the WWLP, selecting 12 jurors and four alternatives is ongoing. However, selecting jurors to sit on Court trial seats is complicated because the Care Rintala Murer trial is notorious. That is why the selection of jurors is expected to last seven days.

According to the article, the selection of jurors for the Cara Rintala murder trial is quite complicated due to the factors that need to be considered. The judge and attorneys from both sides would ask questions to all the prospective jurors to probe matters of work history and attitudes toward same-sex marriage or relationships, and attorneys would also ask the juror candidates about their opinions on domestic violence.

Fortunately, three of the court seats have been filled for the Cara Rintala murder trial.

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Cara Rintala Murder Trial

Gazette reports that the Cara Rintala murder trial has been going on since 2013. Cara Rintala is accused of killing her wife, Annamarie Cochrane Rintala, at their home in March 2010.

The alleged suspect was convicted in the third Cara Rintala murder trial in 2016 and spent several years in prison before the verdict was overturned by the Supreme Judicial Court. Thus, Cara Rintala was set free with a $50,000 cash bail in November 2021 and has been living with her family.

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