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    India Moon Landing: Experts Explained Chandrayaan-3’s Successful Landing Means for the Country and the Global Race to the Moon

    India Moon landing success (Photo: Vajiram IAS)

    Experts explain the significance of Chandrayaan-3’s successful India Moon landing and the global space race.

    India Moon landing success (Photo: Jagran Josh)

    India Moon Landing: Chandrayaan-3’s Success Mission

    According to GOSKAGIT, the India Moon landing was a success of the Chandrayaan-3’s mission when it landed near the south pole of the Moon on August 23. The India Moon landing became history after China landed on the Moon in 2020.

    India is one of the several countries to endeavor the Moon successfully. The south pole of the Moon is even of particular interest to astronomers due to its inability to visit due to the trenches and pockets of ancient ice that made it the hardest to land.

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    Experts Explain the Success of India Moon Landing

    SPACE reports the experts’ explanation of why the countries wanted to visit the moon. Especially now, with the success of India Moon landing.

    Experts revealed that countries like India are interested in going to the moon as it can inspire people, test the limits of the capabilities of human technologies, and allow us to discover the mystery of the solar system. The India Moon landing was one of the biggest successes that can inspire people to continue to delve deeper into the solar system and the Moon.

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