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Rhode Island’s 10 Most Dangerous Cities for The Year 2022

Rhode Island (Photo: lonely planet)

The Ocean State has its fair share of the most dangerous cities, so it would appear that there are certain things more dangerous in Rhode Island than an irate mob boss and a slow motorist on the Providence Parkway.

Rhode Island (Photo: media feed)

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Rhode Island For The Year 2022


Many lists place Providence at the top, at least when it comes to Rhode Island. It is the capital of Rhode Island and one of the oldest cities in the country. It is also the state’s most populous city. Unfortunately, Providence is ranked as Rhode Island’s Most Dangerous Cities for 2022 on a less impressive list.


Woonsocket, which is located in the north of Rhode Island, is well-known for its yearly Autumnfest. Unfortunately, the region is also noted for being one of the most dangerous cities having a high percentage of crime and unemployment due to the collapse of industry. 209 violent crimes were committed in the city in one year. With a population of 41,693, that amounts to a violent crime rate per capita of 501/100k.


Pawtucket is the 3rd on list of the most dangerous cities in Rhode Island. In one year, there were 288 violent crimes in the city. That includes 36 robberies and 41 rapes. Per-person, per-capita,


Newport might not seem very intimidating in terms of total population. After all, in a calendar year, the city only recorded 74 violent offenses and 370 property crimes. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these numbers pertain to a region with a population of only 24,202.

Central Falls

Fifth of the most dangerous cities inn Rhode Island is Central Falls. It’s true that there were just 89 violent crimes and 245 property offenses in the entire year. However, given the small population, those are significant numbers.


The history of Warren, Rhode Island, dates back to before European settlers arrived in North America. However, because the neighborhood is one of the most dangerous cities in the state, the hamlet is not immune to the ills of modern life despite its historic nature.

There are only 10,469 people living in Warren, which was constructed on the site of a Pokanoket town near the coast of Narragansett Bay. There were 18 violent offenses and 93 property crimes in this very low total. These statistics included 2 car thefts, 8 burglaries, and 5 rapes.


The seventh of  the most dangerous cities in Rhode Island is Johnston. The biggest concern in the area is property crime, which includes a high prevalence of auto thefts.


It is considered to be one of Rhode Island’s most dangerous cities. Lincoln recorded 226 property offenses in a calendar year. This includes 26 car thefts and 33 burglaries. Those sums might not seem ominous when viewed in terms of absolute numbers. But keep in mind that Lincoln only has 22,029 residents.

West Warwick

During the year, 61 violent crimes were recorded in West Warwick. There are only 28,831 people living in the city, which results in a per-capita rate of 211/100k. In terms of violent crime, the city ranks sixth in the state.

Things appear to be a little better in terms of property crimes. throughout one year, 221 similar incidents occurred throughout the city.


In total, 111 violent crimes—including 27 rapes—were reported in Cranston in a single year. The total number of property offenses in Cranston was 858. When those figures were compared to the total population of the city, the per-capita rate of violent crime came out to 136/100k.

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Why Is It Considered The Most Dangerous Cities In Rhode Island?

RoadSnacks claims they looked at the statistics. They examined 34 cities in all. For information on violent crime and property crime data for each community with more than 5,000 residents, they reviewed the FBI’s most recent crime report. According to their research, the state would experience 23,000 violent and property crimes in 2022, with property offenses taking the lead. The areas of the state with the greatest rate of growth also appear to have the highest crime rates.

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