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A Convicted Drug Felon Writes a Letter to The Judge to Authorize Visits from Wife and Two Minor Daughters

El Chapo, the convicted drug felon, writes a letter to judge (Photo: amendolallc)

El Chapo, convicted drug felon, wrote a letter to the federal judge on his case to his wife. The convicted drug felon wants her to pay him a visit, but she is also a convicted drug felon, so they are unlikely to meet in his cell anytime soon.

El Chapo, the convicted drug felon, wants company (Photo: CPR)

Joaquin Guzman, at the age of 66, the imprisoned billionaire boss of the deadly Sinaloa cartel wrote a letter, which has been translated into English and filed into Chapo’s court file. In his letter to the judge, the convicted drug felon requests permission for his wife and daughters to visit him.

In the recent published article by ABC 7, the drug lord mentions that his wife, Emma Colonel Aispuro, will have her court probation lifted on September 13, enabling her to travel to Colorado. And if the convicted drug felon’s family is ever allowed to visit, rules prohibit exposing shorts, halter tops, see-through items, spandex, or apparel that resembles a prisoner.

Gil Soffer, former federal prosecutor and ABC7s Chief Legal Analyst, said “It would make sense for him to make these requests, but the risk is with somebody like him… This is someone who escaped from prison once already. The risk is, the worry is that he’s going to try to do something nefarious through his wife, and that’s the concern here.”

Despite El Chapo, the convicted drug felon, life sentence in America’s Alcatraz-style SuperMax prison, federal agents say his Sinaloa drug cartel still controls the majority of illicit drug transactions on Chicago’s streets.

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In his letter, Guzmán, the convicted drug felon, claims that prosecutors in the case objected to the drug lord meeting with Coronel during his trial in New York a few years ago.

According to El Pais, the prosecution argued that the wife of the criminal organization’s head could aid him in intimidating witnesses who testified against him during the historic trial.

El Chapo, the convicted drug felon, not only requests Coronel’s presence, but also the daughters he has with her, Emali Guadalupe and Mara Joaquina. The children are 12 years old and have U.S. citizenship, as they were born in Los Angeles. Guzmán, the convicted drug felon states that his siblings and mother are unable to visit him in Colorado because they do not have a visa to enter the country.

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