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Delaware Drug Suspects Arrested for Possessing Drugs and Being Under the Influence

Delaware drug suspect, Antonio Malloy, 46 (Photo: Yahoo News)

Two Delaware drug suspects have been arrested for drug possession and being under the influence. Law enforcement officials report that the pair were found to have over 50 grams of various illegal substances.

Delaware drug suspect, Jenny Fagan, 35 (Photo: Yahoo News)

State Police Release Initial Report on Delaware Drug Suspects

According to Delaware State Police, the two Delaware drug suspects, Jenny Fagan, 35, and Antonio Malloy, 46, are arrested for possessing illicit substances and driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs. The police additionally stated that the two Delaware drug suspects have been carrying various illegal drugs and a stolen firearm in their blue Dodge Caravan vehicle.

During a police investigation, authorities discovered many illegal substances in the vehicle of the two Delaware drug suspects, including 45 pills, 33.24 grams of cocaine, three wax baggies containing heroin, approximately 6.82 grams of meth, and 3.10 grams of crack cocaine. In addition, the Delaware drug suspects were found to own a handgun that had been reported stolen from a police officer in Camden.

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Delaware Drug Suspects Faces Numerous Charges

FOX reports that Jenny Fagan, one of the Delaware drug suspects, is facing several felony charges. These include drug possession, carrying a stolen firearm, having a gun while under the influence of illegal drugs, and driving a vehicle while intoxicated.

Antonio Malloy, one of the Delaware drug suspects, is facing charges of possession of controlled substances, possession with intent to deliver of illegal drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Delaware drug suspects are booked respectively into Baylot Women’s Correctional Institution and Sussex Correctional Institution with $47,700 and $41,100 bonds.

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