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In The 2 Unsolved Murders BTK Serial Killer Named as ‘Prime Suspect’

Two unsolved murder cases of Dennis Rader (Photo: iPleaders)

According to an Osage County Sheriff’s Office release, Dennis Rader, the notorious murderer known as the BTK serial killer, is the “prime suspect” in two unsolved murders.

BTK serial killer is the prime suspect in two unsolved murders (Photo: Psychology Today)

In a statement, the sheriff’s office, which recently dug up Rader’s former Park City, Kan., property, stated “items of interest were recovered at the residence”.

In the recent published article by People, the search was sparked by Cynthia Dawn Kinney’s 1976 missing persons case in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, according to the statement, the “ongoing investigation has uncovered potential connections to other missing persons cases and unsolved murders in the Kansas and Missouri areas, which are possibly linked to Dennis Rader.”

Undersheriff Gary Upton tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview, “Our next steps are to work in collaboration with the FBI to identify pieces of evidence in their possession that match pieces of clothing that we’ve seen in polaroid pictures that Dennis Rader took, and see if those items match the DNA of our victims.”

As per to 12 News, Sheriff Eddie Virden paid a visit to the Kansas jail where Rader, the BTK serial killer is currently serving multiple life sentence. He informed the outlet that the convicted BTK serial killer spoke to him about his life, which began when he was three, and the events that led up to his imprisonment, including his ten murders in the Wichita area. Virden also added that Rader, the BTK serial killer denied any involvement in Kinney’s disappearance but admitted to fantasizing about snatching a girl from a laundromat.

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As stated by Upton, Rader, the BTK serial killer, was also the leading suspect in the death of 22-year-old Shawna Beth Garber, whose body was discovered in McDonald County, Missouri, in December 1990.

According to NBC News, Rader, who called himself BTK, which stands for “bind, torture, and kill,” was captured in February 2005. In June 2005, he pled guilty to ten murders committed in Wichita and Park City between 1974 and 1991.

Rader, the BTK serial killer testified at his trial that he led a double life: in front of the public, he was a church congregation president and Boy Scout leader, but behind the scenes, he wrote down violent rape fantasies, had “hit kits” — bags with rubber gloves, rope, tape, handcuffs, and bandannas — and taunted police by describing his killings before he was arrested.

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