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Student Debt Relieve: Who Could Benefit?

The Biden Administration's SAVE plan (Photo: Everyday Health)

Borrowers of student loans may find student debt relieve under the Biden administration’s income-driven repayment plan. The SAVE plan, which stands for saving on a valuable education and was launched this week, could benefit borrowers by offering lower or no monthly payments.

Student debt relieve: Who could benefit the SAVE plan (Photo: Fox Business)

According to Cory Turner, education correspondent for NPR, this kind of student debt relieve is by far the most generous plan we have ever seen. And it’s not because of one or two modifications made by the Biden administration. There are only a few changes. As a result, monthly payments will be reduced. Undergrad borrowers will eventually have their loans cut in half.

In the recent published report by PBS News Hour, Turner said that we will also see almost a million more low-income borrowers qualify for a monthly payment of zero dollars. So there are a few of significant modifications. Another significant one that borrowers will experience is that for those paying those low payments, or even a zero dollar monthly payment, interest has previously accumulated on earlier plans.

This plan is definitely a student debt relieve because it includes a 10-year countdown for forgiveness for debtors who have smaller loans, such as community college students who borrow less than $12,000.

To take benefit from this student debt relieve, once people enrolled, they should be able to obtain an accurate estimate of what their monthly payment will be. People who enrolled in the previous income-based repayment plan should roll over into this new plan, and they may expect it to be in place when repayments starts in October.

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The SAVE plan builds on the efforts done by the Biden-Harris Administration to assist students and borrowers, including the cancellation of more than $116 billion in student loan debt for 3.4 million Americans. 

According to The White House, the SAVE plan is really a student debt relieve since it is an income-driven repayment (IDR) plan that calculates payments based on a borrower’s income and family size rather than their loan balance and forgives remaining liabilities after a specified number of years.

It is a student debt relieve because the SAVE plan will reduce many borrowers’ monthly payments to $0, save other borrowers roughly $1,000 per year, keep balances from rising due to unpaid interest, and bring more borrowers closer to forgiveness sooner.

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