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500x Cash Lottery Game in Florida with a $25 Million Prize Has Two Winners!

500x Cash Lottery Game Found Its Winner in Publix (Photo: Kiplinger)

The 500x Cash Lottery Game has made another player become a millionaire. However, two lucky winners won the prize of the 500x Cash lottery game! What are the odds of that happening?

500x Cash Lottery Game Found Its Winner in Publix (Photo: Supermarket News)

500x Cash Lottery Game Found Its Winner

The odds of winning from a 500x cash lottery game are 1 in a million. It’s even odd to become a winner, even more so two people winning simultaneously, right?

However, it was proved that some people are just lucky to be the winner of the 500x Cash lottery game; this round has found two winners! How great it is to win the 500x Cash lottery game just by going to the grocery store?

According to the News-Press, someone from Riverview won the top prize of $25 million in a 500x Cash lottery game and drove to Publix, a grocery store in Fort Myers, to claim the prize.

Moreover, the same article has noted that the 500x Cash lottery game has even made another winner in another place, specifically in Lee County!

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500x Cash Lottery Game Winners Remained Anonymous

According to Yahoo News, the winners of the 500x Cash lottery game have not been announced and remained anonymous. According to the site, the 500x Cash lottery game winners claiming prizes that are more than $250,000 will be temporarily exempt from public disclosure. Winners of the 500x Cash lottery game can remain anonymous for 90 days unless the winner waives it himself.

It is noted that 500x Cash lottery game winners and other lottery game winners cannot remain anonymous as state law mandates that lottery games, especially 500x Cash lottery game, will record the winner’s information.

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