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    Rapper Gunplay Arrested in Miami for Pointing Gun on Her Wife and 6-month-old Daughter

    Rapper 'Gunplay' Richard Morales Jr. arrested (Source: foller)

    Vonshae Taylor-Morales, the rapper’s wife, has received a restraining order and plans to file for divorce.

    Vonshae Taylor-Morales wife of Rapper Richard Morales Jr. and their 6-month-old baby (Source: All Hiphop)

    Detention of Rapper Gunplay

    According to published news from All Hihop, Gunplay, real name Richard Morales Jr., was detained last Sunday (August 20) in Miami. Rapper Gunplay was arrested on various accusations, including assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and child abuse, according to a Miami-Dade County prisoner search. He is accused of pointing a firearm at his wife as she held their six-month-old child. The bond for Gunplay has been set at $20,000.

    Rapper ‘Gunplay’ was detained in Miami. According to authorities, rapper Gunplay was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife while she was holding their 6-month-old child. This supposedly occurred after his wife instructed him to be quiet while playing Xbox. Everything is denied by gunplay. Vonshae Taylor-Morales, Gunplay’s wife, addressed the event on social media and announced that she has acquired a restraining order. She has also stated that she is undergoing a divorce.

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    Conflict of the Couple Began Over Call of Duty Game

    Taylor-Morales then acknowledged that the conflict began over Gunplay’s Call of Duty game. “To summarize last night’s event,” she explained. I urged Richard to be quiet since he was yelling at the baby who was asleep while playing Call of Duty. He went off on me for telling him to remain quiet. I attempted to gather a bag so that my kid and I could leave for a hotel until he sobered up. He didn’t want us to leave, so everything moved quickly to the left. He was detained last night, and the firearm is now in police hands. I have a restraining order, and custody of my daughter, and am divorcing. He will never have another opportunity to disrespect us.

    Taylor-Morales expresses her gratitude towards everyone who wishes well for them and prayed for their safety. “This is a frightening experience. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts.” “I just wanted everyone to know that my daughter and I are safe,” she explained. “The safety of my daughter is my top priority.” Richard, however, has relapsed and has a terrible drinking problem. I’ve done everything in my power to assist and love him. He must defeat this beast on his own. I believe it is too late at this point.”

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