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NOAA Releases Weather Prediction for the Last Quarter of the Year

Prediction of El Niño for the last quarter of the year. (Source: Asian Development Bank)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is already studying the possible weather prediction for the coming three months even though August has just begun. As some may be wondering if it will get any colder or dryer any time soon, the agency has released its autumn weather prediction for the last quarter of New York state.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Source: Space Ref)

Heads Up for the Weather Prediction of NOAA!

The weather in New York and the majority of the nation has been a little unpredictable this summer. As smoke from Canadian wildfires drifted across the state in June, the skies over several areas of the state took on an unsettling yellowish-orange hue. Unexpected flash flooding and recurrent rounds of severe storms that delivered devastating winds and tornadoes to the area occurred after that.

A strong El Niño has been responsible for the bizarre weather this year that has affected the entire country. According to National Geographic, the exceptional warming of surface waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean is referred to as an “El Niño” climate phenomenon. “Widespread and occasionally severe changes in the climate” are possible with El Niño.

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Better Prepare for the Predicted El Niño

The 90-day lookout from NOAA for September through November indicates that New York will continue to see above-average temperatures through November. El Niños, however, don’t always occur in predictable cycles or intervals. However, the phenomenon comes in a variety of forms. Some El Niños increase tornado activity across the United States, while other periods bring harsh winters to places like New York during the winter.

El Niño is expected to persist through early 2024 with a 95% chance and into the fall with a 99% chance, according to the National Weather Service. Precipitation in the New York and Northeast region should be close to average over the next three months, according to NOAA.

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