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China’s Quantum Submarine Detector Could Detect Traces of The Most Advanced Submarine from Great Distances

Advancement of the China's Quantum Submarine Detector (Photo: Britannica)

China’s quantum submarine detector, a breakthrough that might threaten US activities in the disputed South China Sea while also undermining the survivability of its undersea nuclear deterrent.

China’s Quantum Submarine Detector a breakthrough that might threaten US activities (Photo: Britannica)

According to Asia Times, as per to the report of South China Morning Post (SCMP), the researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter discovered the China’s quantum submarine detector based on existing technologies that can detect traces of the most advanced submarine from great distances.

The science team that discovered China’s quantum submarine detector, led by Zou Shengnan, revealed their research results in the peer-reviewed Chinese Journal of Ship Research. The findings in China’s quantum submarine detector, according to lead researcher Zou, could be used to provide a reference for selecting electromagnetic communication frequencies for high-speed submarines, as ELF signals can travel great distances, penetrate water, and reach the ionosphere, which reflects them to the Earth’s surface.

According to SCMP, the science team that created China’s quantum submarine detector utilized computer modeling to assess the probability of detecting the near-imperceptible bubbles produced by a nuclear submarine. The scientists discovered that the electromagnetic emissions produced by cavitation bubbles fluctuate over time, could generate a distinct signal in the ELF range of 49.94 Hz to 34.19 Hz.

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Some suggest the discovery of the China’s quantum submarine detector could be a game-changer for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations.

In the recent published report by MENAFN, the discovery of China’s quantum submarine detector could be in use, as Sebastian Brixey-Williams notes in an August 2020 article for The Strategist that modern ASW uses active and passive sonar with magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) to distinguish submarine signals from ocean noise, pointing out that the methods will probably stay critical for the foreseeable future.

Such advancements in China’s quantum submarine detector may challenge US efforts to locate and detect Chinese nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) guarding the South China Sea.

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