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30-year-old Mother Pleads Guilty for Killing Her 2-week Old Baby Daughter in Florida

A rendering of Baby June (Source: True Crime Daily)

A judge sentenced a 30-year-old mother to more than a decade in jail after she pleaded guilty to killing her newborn daughter five years ago.

Arya Singh, mother of the 2-week-old baby found dead (Source: True Crime Daily)

Beach Firefighter Found the 2-week-old Baby Dead

In a released report from True Crime Daily, According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, a Boynton Beach firefighter was off-duty and boating on June 1, 2018, when he “saw what appeared to be a body floating.” He proceeded closer to the body and discovered it was a dead infant girl. The girl’s age and how long she had been in the water were unknown at the time, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Four years later, in December 2022, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of the kid’s mother, Arya Singh, on a charge of first-degree murder. Officials called the girl “Baby June.” According to WPTV-TV, Singh entered a plea of guilty on Monday, August 2, to aggravated manslaughter of a child and maltreatment of a dead human body. She received a 14-year prison term and ten years of probation after being released.

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Singh Gave Birth to her Child Alone in a Hotel Room

“Ms. Singh went to a hotel room alone and gave birth to a child. As a result of her actions, the baby died. Ms. Singh never called 911, she never sought medical attention, she never asked for help for her child, and she never dropped the baby off at a fire station,” claims Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg. “There must be a punishment for it. She disposed of her kid in the Boynton Inlet, thinking no one would know what she had done.” As the child’s mother, under the circumstances, she put herself in, she was the only person who could have spared that child’s life.

According to the probable cause affidavit, police attempted to call moms who had given birth in the neighboring area in May, but “efforts to identify the victim and her parents were exhausted.” Baby June was only around two weeks old when she died.

After speaking with Baby June’s father, the detectives learned that Singh had informed him she was pregnant but hadn’t given birth. According to reports, he did not learn about the pregnancy until after arriving in Tallahassee. Singh informed the father that she “took care of it,” but he was unsure if she had an abortion “actually or if he just assumed she did.”

Singh refused to talk to the father when he tried to talk to her about the child. Investigators started looking into Singh as a suspect in July 2022 and carried out surveillance “to obtain a covert DNA sample from her.” Detectives discovered a used coffee cup on August 14, 2022, and after examining it in the crime lab, they concluded that she was Baby June’s mother. Singh visited the Boynton Beach Inlet on May 30, 2018, according to GPS data, and then performed 574 searches for “Boynton Inlet” over the next few days.

She conducted 27 searches for “Boynton Beach news today” on May 31, 2022. She read 64 articles in the wake of Baby June’s discovery. The affidavit states that Baby June was delivered alive and Singh never filed a missing person’s report.

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