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Teenager Broke-in to the House of an 87-year-old Woman in Maine

An 87-year-old Maine woman ably fought off a teenage intruder in her residence for nearly 42 years. (Source: AP Photo)

When an 87-year-old grandmother awoke to find an adolescent standing over her bed, threatening her, she chased him off and then fed him cookies.

An 87-year-old woman fought back against a teen intruder who allegedly threatened to cut her. (Source: True Crime Daily)

According to Police Reports

In a published report from True Crime Daily, officers from the Brunswick Police Department responded to a home on Beverly Drive around 10:25 a.m. on July 26 after getting a call from a woman reporting that a man had entered her home while she was sleeping. The woman awoke to discover the suspect, a teenager, “standing over her,” and the teenager “threatened to kill her with a knife he brought into the house,” according to Brunswick Police.

The knife, on the other hand, was reportedly not with the person, but rather in another room with some of his other belongings. He then pushed the female and fled the premises, leaving his shoes behind.

Officers proceeded to the residence of a “juvenile suspect” who matched the description supplied by the victim and began investigating. The adolescent was apprehended nearby by an officer and his K-9 on suspicion of burglary, criminal trespassing, and assault. He was booked into the Long Creek Youth Development Center and will not be identified publicly since he is a minor.

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In a Victim’s Investigation

Marjorie Perkins, the victim, told WQRF-TV that the man was inside her home at 2 a.m. Before threatening her, he removed his pants. She stated that if the suspect assaulted her, she planned to fight back, stating, “I thought to myself, if he’s going to cut, then I’m going to kick.”

He allegedly punched her in the head and cheek after a violent fight between the two. He then proceeded into the kitchen. Perkins allegedly told the suspect that he was “awfully hungry,” so she handed him a package of crackers, two protein drinks, and two tangerines. According to WQRF, the suspect left several personal stuff behind, including shoes, a shirt, a knife, and an alcoholic water bottle.

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