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Cities in California that are Least Developed and Economically Challenged

California remains to have the highest poverty rate (Photo:

California has regions facing economic difficulties and high poverty and unemployment rates.

California housing

California’s poverty rate stays the highest in the U.S. (Photo: Curbed LA)

Poverty Line in America

According to the article from FOX5, the number of individuals living below the poverty line in America has increased for the fifth year in a row, affecting about 11.4% of the population. However, poverty rates have decreased during the pandemic thanks to government aid and unemployment benefits.

The current poverty measure is criticized for not considering the actual cost of living. Poverty rates vary considerably between states and cities, with some cities in California having more people living below the poverty line.

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California Cities Having High Rates of Poverty Line

According to Workers Rights, although California is known for its beautiful scenery and friendly people, many areas within the state experience financial difficulties, including low wages, unemployment, and other monetary issues that impact several residents.

These are the top five poorest cities in California:

  • Huron – low salaries and scarcity of jobs but affordable housing.
  • Firebaugh – low median household income and high poverty rate.
  • Orange Cove – has the lowest median income, but the low poverty rate compensates for it.
  • Mendota – low median income and high poverty rate but diverse cultural events.
  • Clearlake – low median income, but the low cost of living keeps people out of poverty.

Employment, poverty, median household income, and cost of living were considered for this evaluation.

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