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Lindsay Shiver Accused with Conspiring to Murder Husband

Lindsay and Robert Shiver on their Wedding (Photo: CNN; Lindsay Shiver)

Lindsay Shiver, the former beauty queen, was charged with conspiring with his lover to murder her husband.

Lindsay Shiver and her husband, Robert Shiver (Photo: Atlanta News First)

Conspiracy of the Former Beauty Queen and Her Lover

From the reports released by True Crime Daily, the former beauty queen, Lindsay Shiver,  and two other people reportedly conspired to murder her husband. The officers discovered that the three alleged suspects outlined their plan in written messages to kill Robert Shiver, the former beauty queen’s husband.

The former beauty queen Lindsay Shiver, her lover, Terrance Bethel, and Faron Newbold reportedly met up at Abaco. The three of them agreed to commit the offense of murdering the former football player, Robert Shiver.

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Three Suspects Granted Bail

According to the news from CNN, the three suspects who conspired to kill the former beauty queen’s husband, Robert Shiver, have been granted bail after being in custody for a week.

Linday Shiver, the main suspect’s bail, was set at 100,000 dollars, and the other two co-conspirators’ bail was set at 20,000 dollars each. The bail conditions of the former beauty queen and her two -co-conspirators were to remain in the Bahamas wearing their ankle monitoring devices for two months. Their next court appearance is in October, according to their attorney.

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