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    Few More Days to Go for the SNAP Benefit Distribution in Virginia

    SNAP benefits for Virginians (Source: WFXR)

    In Virginia, residents who use food stamps to help pay for groceries will start getting their benefits in five days for the month of August.

    SNAP benefits are coming for Virginians (Source: The Gazette)

    SNAP Benefits Ready for Distribution

    According to the news published by the Washington Examiner, the first through seventh days of each month is when the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program distributes benefits, therefore the first round of benefits for the following month start on August 1.

    In Virginia, case numbers are used to determine who receives food stamps. Benefits will be paid on Aug. 1 for individuals whose case numbers fall between 0 and 3, Aug. 4 for those whose case numbers fall between 4-5, and Aug. 7 for those whose case numbers fall between 6 and 9. For a household of one in Virginia, the maximum monthly income to qualify for food stamps is $2,265, while for a household of five, the maximum monthly income to qualify for SNAP in the state is $5,412.

    The average SNAP benefit per household member in the Old Dominion is $181. Approximately 794,600 Virginia residents, or 9% of the state’s total population, rely on food stamps. In Virginia, food stamps can be used to purchase “food or food products meant to be eaten by people,” in addition to seeds and plants that can produce food. Non-food items, alcohol, tobacco, medications, gardening supplies, cleaning supplies, paper products, pet food, and hot-cooked foods are all prohibited from receiving SNAP benefits.

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