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12 Years Old Youngster in Georgia, Detained of Multiple Offense

Several cars in traffic. A young Georgia boy faces dozens on charges in a string of alleged car thefts. (Source: FOX 4 Dallas)

A 12-year-old Georgia youngster who isn’t even old enough to drive is accused of breaking into many vehicles.

Atlanta police vehicle on watch. Police arrested a 12-year-old boy for a string of car thefts. He’s now facing 84 charges related to the alleged crimes. (Source: Getty Images)

Youngster from Georgia Now Faces Multiple Charges Accused of Auto Thefts

In a released report by the New York Post, the Griffin Police Department, the youngster was detained on Wednesday, Fox Atlanta said. He faces 84 counts of entering an automobile as well as five more counts of criminal trespass.  More charges, according to officials, are pending.

The young offender, whose identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons, is believed to have started a long-lasting wave of auto thefts around the area. Law enforcement sources claim that the theft spree encompassed a variety of automobiles, including sedans and SUVs, and it greatly alarmed locals.

The youngster will be subject to the juvenile justice system for the course of the upcoming judicial processes, which will place an emphasis on rehabilitation rather than punishment. By addressing the underlying issues and giving him the support, he needs to make positive changes, intervention, in the opinion of experts, can help put him on a better course.

Over the past month, a number of companies along the North Expressway Corridor have reported many car thefts. According to the report, surveillance footage was helpful in identifying the culprit.

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