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Arizona Woman Arrested for Murder: Cousin Dead After Being Hammered

Brianna Zerth
Peoria police arrested a woman for murdering her cousin (Photo: Arizona Daily Independent))

An Arizona woman is facing several charges after allegedly killing one of her family inside a home in Peoria on Wednesday.

Brianna Elise Zerth

Brianna Zerth, 29, accused of murdering her cousin (Photo: Law & Crime)

Drunken Brawl Leads to One Death

Police have arrested Brianna Zerth, 29, a woman accused of killing on Wednesday afternoon. It was reported that Peora Police responded to a medical call at Zerth’s home and found a 33-year-old body lying in the master’s bedroom.

According to the officer’s documents, Zerth and the man, identified as her cousin, had been drinking alcohol on Tuesday night. She specifically told the detectives that she was drinking whiskey with her cousin and later had a fight about her 6-year-old daughter.

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During the investigation, Zerth claimed that her recollection of the event was “blurry.” She had told the detectives that when she woke up early on Wednesday morning, she found her cousin lying on the floor covered in blood. She additionally said that she covered the dead body with a jacket and vacuumed the blood because her daughter might step on it before she called the police to report her cousin’s death.

The police stated that the officers found the body in the master’s bedroom. The officer noted that the cousin had several injuries on his back caused by a hammer and found the weapon near the man’s body.

The 6-year-old daughter of the suspect was bought to the department’s victim advocates and reportedly stated that her mommy indeed killed the victim.

Zerth was charged with second-degree intentional murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and tampering with evidence.

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