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Food Stamps: Texas Citizens to Receive SNAP Benefits Directly Worth Up to $1,691 for the Month of August!

SNAP Benefits
Distribution schedule of SNAP benefits expected to start on August 1 (Photo: The Gazette)

According to the SNAP distribution schedule, Texas households can expect to receive program benefits totaling $1,691 per month beginning on August 1st over 10 working days.

SNAP Distribution Schedule 

Texas disburses SNAP benefits in the first two weeks of every month. The beneficiaries will receive less than $2,000 for August, per the plan’s terms, and distribution will begin in Texas nine days from today.

Beneficiaries can receive their SNAP benefits directly with the use of the Lone Star Card, which was provided by the program, it operates like a credit card much like an EBT card.

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What Makes a Citizen Eligible for SNAP Program?

The program is active all over Texas, and even across the states of Washington, D.C. Beneficiaries may receive payments ranging from $281 to $1691, this is according to the size of a household. A single household receives $281, and when a household has eight members, they will be able to receive $1691. In addition, those who qualify may receive the payment on their Lone Star Cards provided by SNAP, which are accessible to purchase groceries for the household.

Criteria to be part of SNAP:

  • A household may be eligible if their income is low.
  • Adults ranging from 18-49 age and without children can receive SNAP benefits for three months
    • The benefit period can be extended if the person works 20 hours a week or the person is on job training.
    • Adults with disability or pregnant women may be exempted from work requirements.
  • Single participants will receive $281 from the SNAP program
  • A household with eight people will receive $1691 from the program.

Finally, as August approaches, Texas citizen SNAP beneficiaries can anticipate the arrival of their benefits through their Lone Star Card system. Hopefully, families can continue to ensure a more stable and nourishing future for each member of the household.

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