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City Officials Pushes Youth Wellness Program

Youth Wellness Program (Source: ABC10)

City officials are forming a committee to create youth wellness initiatives in response to Measure L’s approval by voters last year, but they also intend to hire consultants.

Youth Wellness Program (Source: ABC10)

Youth Wellness Monitoring

In an article released by ABC10, Sacramento city officials are establishing a planning and monitoring commission to broaden youth wellness and violence prevention initiatives, eight months after voters approved Measure L. Measure, which withholds funds equivalent to 40% of the city’s cannabis tax revenue, is anticipated to bring in an estimated $10 million annually.

The city has opened a bid process to find consulting firms to assist in establishing the programs in addition to asking for commissioners to help organize them.

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City Officials to Select Company for Youth Wellness Programs

The company they select will aid the Sacramento Youth Commission in creating comparable youth-oriented activities, promote, and support a culture that motivates young people to pursue and maintain healthy lifestyles. Goals comprise:

  1. Preventing and minimizing homeless children and youth
  2. Supporting young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing
  3. The reduction of juvenile violence
  4. Prevent and lessen drug misuse
  5. Support the 0 to 5-year-olds’ growth and development.

The completed plans will be put into action between July 1, 2024, and June 30, 2029.

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