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    Financial Advisor Could Potentially Double Your Retirement Savings

    Financial advisor (Source: Britannica)

    You could choose investments that are in line with your financial objectives and save for retirement with the help of a financial adviser.

    (Source: SmartAsset) Schwab Says This Tip Can Double Your Retirement Savings

    Preparatory Tips for Retirement Savings and Investments

    According to the published article of Yahoo! News, global developments have heightened market turbulence and caused stocks to decline after the year began at record highs. Given that the S&P 500 Index is experiencing its first meaningful decline since 2020, investors are undoubtedly trying to protect their investments. Increased diversity, according to financial giant Charles Schwab, is the key to surviving such an investment environment. A recent study indicates that most self-directed retirement investors aren’t adequately safeguarding their valuable assets. In actuality, investors who work with a financial advisor have nearly doubled their retirement savings compared to those who don’t.

    Charles Schwab has discovered that, for the first quarter of 2022, plan participants who work with financial advisors had an average balance of $535,354—nearly twice as much as the $286,008 held by non-advised participants. The Preferred Choice Retirement Accounts (PCRAs), a self-directed brokerage account offered under defined contribution retirement plans, are where this information is obtained.

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    Performance of Financial Advisor Compared to Unadvised Saver

    Schwab analysts examined PCRA balances by age group and discovered, perhaps predictably, that Baby Boomers (ages 58 to 75) had the highest average retirement savings of all age groups, $520,616. Participants in the Gen X generation, who were in their 42–57s, had an average wealth of $299,520, whereas Millennials, who were in their 30–41s, had an average wealth of $102,113.

    Only 19.2% of PCRA participants overall choose to work with a financial advisor, but of those, around 50% of the advised accounts belonged to the Gen X generation. Millennials controlled 14.9% of the advised accounts, while Baby Boomers held 32.5% of them.

    Notably, using a financial advisor resulted in an average of 19.7 trades in the most recent quarter, compared to 12.3 for those who did not. Additionally, advised participants had a less concentrated holding of specific stocks and a more varied asset allocation.

    Get going right now if you’re prepared to be matched with local experts who can assist you in reaching your financial objectives.

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